MARIERA Dinner Cruise

Normal Price ¥7,200 ¥3,360 ~ ¥6,600 (Adult)

If you think of it, it's on the sea. the only restaurant ship in MARIERA We are pleased with the food and the view. On a very important anniversary, I'm going to go to the party and respond to your voice in various scenes. In MARIERA, you'll never forget a day while feeling close to the sea and the sky... World Gourmet Buffet (1F Cafe THE OCEAN) The ingredients are procured locally, from Fukuoka and around other regions of Kyushu. You can enjoy arranging and enjoying dishes from all over the world in the style of MARIERA. [Time of Operation] Weekdays 19:00~21:10 October-February weekend, holiday 17:00~19:10 March to September weekend, holiday 18:00 to 20:10 - Please make a reservation after inquiring about the date and time you want.We will issue a voucher as soon as we confirm the availability of the reservation. -This is a voucher that can be used only on the day of entry designated by the customer. ※Please make sure to check before purchasing the ticket and order after confirming the information related to the business day and holiday. ※Official Website -&gt ### Please make sure to check. ### ■ Commodity form: E-voucher ■ Age standards: Adult (13 years old and above) Child (6 years old to 12 years old) ■ Valid period: The date of use (designated date) as indicated when the E-voucher was issued. ■ Notes - It is not possible to cancel or reissue after issuing the E-voucher. - Please enter an exact date of use. - Please enter the correct email address to receive the E-voucher. - Printing of E-voucher is prohibited without permission. ※Business hours are subject to change due to bad weather and rental. ※We are not responsible for a temporary closing. ※If you have events in your facility, business hours may change.

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About cancel/refund

7 Day before Cancellation fee for 20% has been raised from product price
2 Day before Cancellation fee for 30% has been raised from product price
0 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


- Please complete the boarding procedure 30 minutes before departure at MARIERA 6 counter in Bay Side Place Hakata 1 Terminal. - We will contact you if we are forced to cancel the operation due to weather conditions and other circumstances. - General reservations are available from 2 months ago. - We are also accepting reservations for the day.However, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance, as it may be difficult to show you the room when they are fully occupied. - Drinking food and drink is not allowed in sanitary terms. - Food may change depending on availability. - We will change the flight schedule for the end of the year. - We will be closed from the beginning of January to the end of January (scheduled) for hull inspection.

Voucher Notes

■Cautions - Be sure to print and submit an E-voucher. - Only the above-mentioned person can enter the building for each ticket. (Copy not available)(photos not available) - We cannot cancel it after entering the building.(Re-entry not allowed) - No refund after ticket purchase. - Please contact JAPAN TOPKEN for a refund before entering. - We will take legal action if it is found that E-voucher is reproduced without permission.

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