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We're going to have a new music festival. A hundred bags of rice(Hyappyou) Festival I will send a laugh to everyone all over the country ♪ I was born with "impression" and I felt happy.I want to create time and space for each and every person to live. ■ Product Name - Nagaoka Rice White Bale Festival - Fireworks, Food, Music and 2019 ■ Official Website ■ Basic product information - The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival, one of the three major fireworks in Japan, and the Nagaoka Rice White Bale Festival, where you can enjoy traditional Japanese food together: Fireworks, food, music and 2019!! ★K-Musical Stars Appearance★ Kim Chano Song Yong-jin Chang Ji-hui ■ Inclusion 1 day ticket + shuttle bus ticket + 1 FOOD ticket ※ Shuttle bus departs from JR Nagaoka Station ■ Valid Period Available on October 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun) only on the date of use you specified when you reserved it. ■ Age Regulation Adult over 19 13-18 years old for junior high and high school students Elementary school children and under 12 years of age [Limitation of Age] ◆Two elementary school children can enter for free, ranging from one year of age to two children per adult companion. ◆Tickets are required from junior high school students and older. However, only junior high school and younger children are not allowed.(Adult needs to be accompanied.) ◆Please do not allow children under one year old to enter.

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〒940-0821 新潟県長岡市栖吉町3300

About cancel/refund

5 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price

Included item

1 day ticket + shuttle bus ticket + 1 FOOD ticket


* You can't go to Kansas City after making a reservation. * It is also held in the event of rain, and will be stopped in case of severe rain and wind. Tickets will not be refunded even if the event ends on the way. * Production artists may be subject to change. If an artist's appearance is canceled or changed, tickets are not refunded.

How to Use

[Position] * You have to exchange it for a ticket bracelet when you enter. * You must wear a ticket bracelet within the zone. Unable to re-enter if cut or stripped. Also, ticket bracelets will not be reissued. * The ticket will not be reissued in the event of loss, theft or damage. * You can re-enter the live area. [Age Restriction] * Each adult companion is eligible for free admission, ranging from 1 year of age to 2 children in elementary school. * If you are a middle school student or higher, you need a ticket to enter. However, children under middle school age cannot enter without a guardian (must be accompanied by an adult). * Please refrain from accompanying infants under the age of one. [Carry-in item] * Firecrackers, gunpowder, bicycles, skateboards, telescopic lens cameras, drones, and other items damaging to the entry of law-banned drugs or other visitors are prohibited from entering the venue. * Filming, recording or recording artists is prohibited for any reason. * Pets are not allowed in the event hall (except for blind guide dogs or auxiliary dogs). * In case of rain, umbrellas and mass production are prohibited in the event hall. In case of rain, please prepare raincoat, etc.

Voucher Notes

■Additional Notes - The voucher is valid for 1 guest (copy ticket, photo are not allowded) - It is impossible to cancel after entry (Can not enter again ) - It is impossible to refund after buying the ticket. - Please contact JAPAN TOPKEN for refund before boarding. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying.

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