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#Please check before make purchase. The currency used for payment is Japanese yen. The other currencies displayed are for reference only. ■ Product Type SOLANIWA ONSEN OSAKA BAY TOWER Admission Ticket - Adult - Child (4~12 years old) - Infant is free of charge (~3 years old)  ・In case you stay SOLANIWA ONSEN after 1 o'clock in the night, it will cause extra fee. ■ Opening Hours AM 11:00~AM 9:00 of next day (Last entry 8:00 / Main baths can be used until 8:30) ・Unaccompanied children under 16 years old must check out by 19:00, and those under 18 years old by 22:00. ・In case you stay SOLANIWA ONSEN after 1 O'Clock in the night, it will cause extra fee. ・Only valid the day on the voucher. ・For more information, please check official website.  ☛ ☚ ■ Closing days & Unavailable days ~2020.1.5 2020.1.8(wed), 1.19(sun), 2.19(wed), 3.11(wed), 4.15(wed), 5.13(wed), 6.10(wed), 7.8(wed), 8.19(wed), 9.9(wed) ■ Access 1-2-3 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka OSAKA BAY TOWER 2F Benten Railway station JR Osaka Loop Line, Osaka Metro Central Line. Approximately 10 minutes from Osaka Station (Umeda) Approximately 60 minutes from Kansai International Airport ♯♯ Please check below ♯♯ ■Type of Product : E-Voucher ■Age : Adult / Child ■Validated date Date on the E-voucher only. ■ Notes - After payment, cancellation is not possible. - Voucher will be sent to your email which registered on your My page. - Forgery of voucher is prohibited by law. - The name and date of use cannot be changed after the voucher is issued. ※Please check operating hours before your purchase. ※The business hours of the facility may change due to reasons of local circumstances, weather, and natural disasters.

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    Current Date
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    AM 11:00~AM 9:00 of next day (Last entry 8:00 / Main baths can be used until 8:30)
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〒552-0007 Osaka, Minato Ward, Benten, 1 Chome−2−3 SORANIWA ONSEN OSAKA BAY TOWER 2F

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This is an uncancellable product!

Voucher Notes

- Please enter after you have all the reserved people gathered. (Individual admission is not possible) - Make sure you print out your voucher on A4 size paper clearly. - The QR code on the VOUCHER is only valid once. (After checked, cancellation or re-entry is not possible.) - Opening hours: 11:00~ 9:00 of next day(Last entry 8:00 / Main baths can be used until 8:30) - Someone who has tattoo on the body can not enter the gate. - Can not be used except for specified use date and people. - Cancellation & reissue after voucher issuance is not possible. - Guests with tattoos are not able to enter the facility. - If you want to cancel before use the voucher, please contact the provider [Contact information] 070-4482-4346(Japanese weekday 09:00~12:00, 13:00~18:00) [Kakaotalk] japantopken(lower case) - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying. =========================================== ご予約商品:空庭温泉 OSAKA BAY TOWER 入館券

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