SKY HOP BUS - One-day Ticket

Normal Price ¥3,500 ¥3,400 (Adult)

◇Highlights Guests can ride this bus to look out over the main attractions spots of Tokyo This ticket allow visitors to ride unlimited a day with 3 courses below if coming Tokyo. Let's make a enjoyable trip by yourself in order to get on and off freely from your desired riding locations✿✿ ~ ■ Common contents of three courses - One day ticket [Available for use within 24 hours] (Ex) If you buy a ticket at 3 pm on June 30 th, it is valid until on July 1st (3 PM). - Adult: 3500 yen / Child: 1,700 yen (6 ~ 11 years old) - Applicable spots for getting on the Bus: Asakusa-TOKYO SKYTREE® Route, Odaiba Route, Roppongi-Tokyo Tower route - Please show your ticket to the crew after getting in at the desired stop. - Free seat is available. ※ If the seats are full, you may not get on the bus. ※ The bus will pass through Ueno station stop only on weekdays. ■ How to use - Make sure to print the voucher, after exchanging with the real ticket at the ticket office and you can board the bus * It is impossible to ride the bus without the printing original voucher. ■ Location and method of exchange voucher - Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building Ticket Counter Opening hours: 09: 00-18: 00 Mitsubishi Building Ground floor 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo - Sales Office in front of Tokyo Sky-Tree Opening hours: 09: 00-18: 00 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tōkyō-to ■ Course and operation information 1. Asakusa / Tokyo Sky Tree Course ▼Traveling route ☞Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building (transit to Odaiba AND Roppongi-Tokyo Tower routes) ☞Ueno Station ☞Tokyo Skytree Station ☞Asakusa Hanakawado ☞Ueno Matsuzakaya ☞Akihabara ☞Shin-Nihonbashi Station ☞Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building Boarding time at Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building  9: 30/ 10: 30/ 12: 00/ 13: 00/ 14: 30/ 15: 30/ 17: 00/ 18: 00 -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Odaiba Course ▼Traveling route ☞Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building (transit to Asakusa-Tokyo Skytree AND Roppongi-Tokyo Tower routes) ☞Tokyo Tower (transit to Roppongi-Tokyo Tower route) ☞Fuji Television ☞Venus Fort (Palette town) ☞Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel ☞Toyosu ☞Tsukiji Ginza ☞Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building (transit to Asakusa-Tokyo Skytree AND Roppongi-Tokyo Tower routes) Boarding time at Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building 9: 20/12: 10/13: 40/16: 10/18: 40 -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Roppongi-Tokyo Tower route: ▼Traveling route ☞Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building (transit to Asakusa-Tokyo Skytree AND Odaiba routes) ☞Hotel New Otani Tokyo ☞Tokyo Midtown ☞Roppongi Hills ☞Tokyo Tower (transit to Odaiba route) ☞Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building (transit to Asakusa-Tokyo Skytree AND Odaiba routes) Boarding time at Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building 10: 10/14: 40/18: 10 ♯ # Please be sure to check the contents of the following ♯ # ■ Product Type: Electronic voucher (Order & booking -&gt complete payment -&gt click button Voucher on My Page) ■ Age Range: - Adults(12 years old and over) - Children(6 ~ 11 years old) ■ Valid period: The expiry date or the usage date is printed when the Electronic voucher is issued ■ Attention items when booking - Cancellation & reissue after voucher issuance is impossible. - Please fill in the exact date of use. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying. - Do not reissue in case of loss, damages the ticket, Electronic voucher. - It is impossible to change information such as date of use, customer name after issuing the Electronic voucher - Can not be used except for specified use date - It is impossible to reissue in case of loss, theft. ※ Business hours may be changed depending on the local circumstances. ※ Please be sure to check the information on business days and holidays before purchasing a pass or ticket. Sky Hop Bath Official website - -&gt Click SKYHOP ※We are not responsible for temporary holidays. ■ Important points when using facility ♨♨♨ Guests can ride the second floor of Open Top Bus (no roof) only, except for some vehicles on the Sky Hop bus. - In the Open Top Bus (no roof), air condition is not turned on, so please prepare hat and drinking water in advance. Guests are responsible for their own protection from the weather to prevent sunburn, heat exhaustion, or chills. - The Open Top Bus (with roof) may be rotated according to time. (No notification in advance) - The bus with roof will be operated in case of of rainy weather, weather change or natural disasters. - Rain ponchos are provided for rainy days. - Bus routes are subject to change according to traffic conditions. - Please do fasten your seat-belt when the bus is moving. Do not un-fasten unless there is no instruction from crew member,

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    레드라인, 블루라인 시간표
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    레드라인, 블루라인 노선

〒100-0000, 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

About cancel/refund

7 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


■ Note when using the voucher - No refund after release - Make sure to print E ticket with regular A4 paper. - Make sure to use after exchanging E ticket into real ticket at the Ticket Counter. - Recommended to purchase tickets, make payments, have extra time within 3 days since the standard of departure date. * Japanese holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and non-Japanese public holidays from 09:00 to 18:00, tickets can not be issued. - Do not enter the gate with the mobile phone screen. - Please submit the QR code with the mobile screen. ※Please be careful not to blur the printing.

How to Use

■ Method of use - When booking, e voucher shall be transferred by specified email (Upon the completed payment). - Make sure that you take along with e voucher printed out. ※ It is impossible to use without printing / please make sure to print on A4 paper. ※ Recommended to show at the guide counter and the ticket sale gate, real tickets should be exchanged. ※ It is possible to go right to the gate by showing E ticket without exchanging into the real ticket. ※ It is impossible to enter the gate in case where QRcode is deleted.

Voucher Notes

* Additional Note(s) - The voucher is valid for 1 passenger (copy ticket, photo are not allowded) - It is impossible to cancel after riding the bus (Can not ride the bus again) - It is impossible to refund after buying the ticket. - Please contact JAPAN RYOKAN.NET for refund before boarding. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying. - Thank you


Restriction(s) 1) Do not move the seat while driving 2) Prohibition of umbrella / mass production during riding 3) Do not take pets together 4) Food, drinks, smoking are not allowded.

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