Tour Romance car Hakone

Normal Price ¥10,000 ¥9,500 (Adult)

◇Highlights Visitors can experience free with Hakone Free Pass "Unlimited pass available to all means of transport to sightseeing spots in Hakone"!! ■ Tour information - Guide: None - The language of the tour: Japanese, English - Means of transportation: Shinjuku &lt-&gt Hakone Yumoto =&gt Hakone Romance Car round trip Hakone area =&gt Hakone Free Pass (Hakone Mountain Railway, Hakone Tozan Bus, Cable Car, Ropeway, Pirate ship) ■ Inclusion in Tour - Round-trip Romancecar Limited Express Ticket (Shinjuku ⇔ Hakone-Yumoto) - Hakone free pass ticket (Including Hakone Tozan Railway, Hakone Mountain Bus, Cable Car, Ropeway, Pirate ship) - Lunch meal coupons (Togendai View Restaurant) - A 500 yen ticket is available to use in "Hakone no Ichi" or "Hakone Cafe" inside Hakone Yumoto station - Coupon for shopping (Odakyu department store Shinjuku only) ■ Guidance of Romancecar Time -The departure time and return time of the train for Romance car are fixed. Travelers may know the seats when exchanging for real tickets on the day. ★Weekdays&gt   Shinjuku Station(depart at 8:56) -&gtHakone Yumoto Station(arrive at 10:30 )   Hakone Yumoto Station(depart at18 :09 )-&gtShinjuku Station(arrive at 19:46 ) ★Weekends   Shinjuku Station(depart at 09:00) -&gtHakone Yumoto Station(arrive at 10:14)   Hakone-Yumoto Station(depart at 18:10) -&gtShinjuku Station(arrive at 19:45) ■ Method of Use 1) Booking on TOPKEN system 2) After order completion -&gt Person in charge will confirm schedule and arrangement --&gt Add the booking number in Voucher of guests. --&gt Click Voucher button from My Page --&gt print voucher out 3 Please take it to exchange for real ticket at the Odakyu Travel Hakone Tabichiba store of Hakone travel at Shinjuku station. 4) Begin traveling ~♬ ■ Notices 1) After booking, the subway ticket and Romance Car seat confirmations are issued immediately, so it is impossible to cancel. 2)You should submit a voucher after printing. It is not allowed to submit a voucher by mobile phone =&gt No refunds. ## Please make sure to check ## ■ Product type: Electronic voucher (Order & booking -&gt complete payment -&gt click button Voucher in My Page -&gt Print) ■ Age range: Adults & children ■ Valid Period: The expiry date or the usage period is printed when the Electronic voucher is issued ■ Attention items when booking -Cancellation & re-issue after voucher issuance is impossible. -Please enter exactly the date of use. - Please enter exactly the email address that will receive the E-voucher. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying. - Do not reissue in case of loss, damages to the ticket, E-voucher. - It is impossible to change information such as date of use, customer name after issuing the voucher - It is impossible to use on any other day than the specified use date - It is impossible to reissue of loss, theft. ※ Working time: may change due to the local situation. ※ Please check the information related to absent working days, before purchasing pass or ticket. ※ There may be any change in working time depending on the bad weather or season. ※ Not responsible for a temporary absence. ※ Transaction time may change if there is an event at the facility.

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About cancel/refund

0 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


■ Note when using the voucher - No refund after release - Make sure to print E ticket with regular A4 paper. - Make sure to use after exchanging E ticket into real ticket at the Ticket Counter. - Recommended to purchase tickets, make payments, have extra time within 3 days since the standard of departure date. * Japanese holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and non-Japanese public holidays from 09:00 to 18:00, tickets can not be issued. - Do not enter the gate with the mobile phone screen. - Please submit the QR code with the mobile screen. ※Please be careful not to blur the printing.

How to Use

■ Method of use - When booking, e voucher shall be transferred by specified email (Upon the completed payment). - Make sure that you take along with e voucher printed out. ※ It is impossible to use without printing / please make sure to print on A4 paper. ※ Recommended to show at the guide counter and the ticket sale gate, real tickets should be exchanged. ※ It is possible to go right to the gate by showing E ticket without exchanging into the real ticket. ※ It is impossible to enter the gate in case where QRcode is deleted.

Voucher Notes

★Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center - Open : 08:00 - 18:00 - Location: 1F above ground outside the opening gate west of Shinjuku Station on the Odaku Line - Language response: Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean (responseable language varies depending on the date) - No refund after issuance - Please print the voucher in plain A4 paper. - Please replace the voucher with a real ticket at the customer center of Hakone Tabiichiva at Shinjuku Station. - Reservation number (it will be filled out after payment is completed) - 1 person's Romance, Hakone Free Pass 2 day pass, lunch coupon - Transport Available: Shinjuku > Hakone Yumoto > Hakone Romanska round trip ticket - Hakone Region = Hakone Free Pass 2 Days Pass (including Hakone hiking rail, Hakone hiking bus, cable car, ropeway, and pirate ship) - For Romanska, the departure time and return time of the train you need to board. - In case of seats, you can find the location when exchanging them with a local physical ticket. ★ Transport Available: Shinjuku < > Hakone Yumoto> Hakone Romancea round trip ticket Hakone Region = Hakone Free Pass 2 Day Pass (including Hakone hiking rail, Hakone hiking bus, cable car, ropeway, and pirate ship) ※Cable cars, ropeways, and pirate ships may be suspended by bad weather. ※Pyeongday Departure - Shinjuku Station 08:56 Departure → Hakone Yumoto Station 10:30 Arrival Return - Departure from Yukoto Hakone 18:09 → Arrival at Shinjuku Station 19:46 Hakone Yumoto Station 18:39 Departure → Shinjuku Station 20:05 Arrival Hakone Yumoto Station 19:19 Departure → Arrival at Shinjuku Station 20:50 ※Weekend Departure - Departure at 09:00 Shinjuku Station → Arrival at Yukoto Hakone Station 10:14 Return - Departure from Yukoto Hakone 18:10 → Arrival at Shinjuku Station 19:45 Hakone Yumoto Station 18:39 Departure → Shinjuku Station 20:06 Arrival Hakone Yumoto Station 19:10 Departure → Arrival at Shinjuku Station 20:45 - Not included → All expenses except inclusion - Exclusive → 5% discount coupon for Odaku department store (Shinjuku store) - Reservation/cancellation/refund regulation

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