Tour Romance car Hakone

Normal Price ¥9,500 ¥9,500 (Adult)

◇Highlights Visitors can experience free with Hakone Free Pass "Unlimited pass available to all means of transport to sightseeing spots in Hakone"!! This tour also includes the delicious special lunch menu + beverages (Togendai View Restaurant) and souvenirs at Hakone Yumoto as a bonus Special Hakone trip complete with 500 yen coupon you can purchase ♬ ※Due to current circumstances, locations and times are subject to change. ■ Tour information - Guide: None - The language of the tour: Japanese, English - Means of transportation: Shinjuku &lt-&gt Hakone Yumoto =&gt Hakone Romance Car round trip Hakone area =&gt Hakone Free Pass (Hakone Mountain Railway, Hakone Tozan Bus, Cable Car, Ropeway, Pirate ship) ■ Inclusion in Tour - Round-trip Romancecar Limited Express Ticket (Shinjuku ⇔ Hakone-Yumoto) - Hakone free pass ticket (Including Hakone Tozan Railway, Hakone Mountain Bus, Cable Car, Ropeway, Pirate ship) - Lunch meal coupons (Togendai View Restaurant) - A 500 yen ticket is available to use in "Hakone no Ichi" or "Hakone Cafe" inside Hakone Yumoto station - Coupon for shopping (Odakyu department store Shinjuku only) ■ Guidance of Romancecar Time -The departure time and return time of the train for Romance car are fixed. Travelers may know the seats when exchanging for real tickets on the day. ★Weekdays&gt   Shinjuku Station(depart at 8:53) -&gtHakone Yumoto Station(arrive at 10:36 )   Hakone Yumoto Station(depart at 17:49 )-&gtShinjuku Station(arrive at 19:19 ) ★Weekends   Shinjuku Station(depart at 09:00) -&gtHakone Yumoto Station(arrive at 10:25)   Hakone-Yumoto Station(depart at 17:53) -&gtShinjuku Station(arrive at 19:20) ■ Method of Use 1) Booking on TOPKEN system 2) After order completion -&gt Person in charge will confirm schedule and arrangement --&gt Add the booking number in Voucher of guests. --&gt Click Voucher button from My Page --&gt print voucher out 3 Please take it to exchange for real ticket at the Odakyu Travel Hakone Tabichiba store of Hakone travel at Shinjuku station. 4) Begin traveling ~♬ ■ Notices 1) After booking, the subway ticket and Romance Car seat confirmations are issued immediately, so it is impossible to cancel. 2)You should submit a voucher after printing. It is not allowed to submit a voucher by mobile phone =&gt No refunds. ## Please make sure to check ## ■ Product type: Electronic voucher (Order & booking -&gt complete payment -&gt click button Voucher in My Page -&gt Print) ■ Age range: Adults & children ■ Valid Period: The expiry date or the usage period is printed when the Electronic voucher is issued ■ Attention items when booking -Cancellation & re-issue after voucher issuance is impossible. -Please enter exactly the date of use. - Please enter exactly the email address that will receive the E-voucher. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying. - Do not reissue in case of loss, damages to the ticket, E-voucher. - It is impossible to change information such as date of use, customer name after issuing the voucher - It is impossible to use on any other day than the specified use date - It is impossible to reissue of loss, theft. ※ Working time: may change due to the local situation. ※ Please check the information related to absent working days, before purchasing pass or ticket. ※ There may be any change in working time depending on the bad weather or season. ※ Not responsible for a temporary absence. ※ Transaction time may change if there is an event at the facility.

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About cancel/refund

10 Day before Cancellation fee for 20% has been raised from product price
7 Day before Cancellation fee for 30% has been raised from product price
1 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price
0 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


■ Note when using the voucher - No refund after release - Make sure to print E ticket with regular A4 paper. - Make sure to use after exchanging E ticket into real ticket at the Ticket Counter. - Recommended to purchase tickets, make payments, have extra time within 3 days since the standard of departure date. * Japanese holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and non-Japanese public holidays from 09:00 to 18:00, tickets can not be issued. - Do not enter the gate with the mobile phone screen. - Please submit the QR code with the mobile screen. ※Please be careful not to blur the printing.

How to Use

■ Method of use - When booking, e voucher shall be transferred by specified email (Upon the completed payment). - Make sure that you take along with e voucher printed out. ※ It is impossible to use without printing / please make sure to print on A4 paper. ※ Recommended to show at the guide counter and the ticket sale gate, real tickets should be exchanged. ※ It is possible to go right to the gate by showing E ticket without exchanging into the real ticket. ※ It is impossible to enter the gate in case where QRcode is deleted.

Voucher Notes

* 오다큐 여행센터 신주쿠 니시구치 (Odakyu Sighteeing Service Center, Shinjuku West ) - 영업시간 : 08:00 - 18:00 - 위치 : 오다큐선 신주쿠역 서쪽 개찰구 밖 지상 1층 - 언어대응 : 일본어/영어/중국어/한국어 (날짜에 따라 대응 가능한 언어가 달라집니다) - 발권 후 환불 불가 - 해당 바우쳐를 반드시 일반 A4용지로 인쇄해주시기 바랍니다. - 해당 바우쳐를 반드시 신주쿠역 하코네 타비이치바 고객 센터에서 실물티켓으로 교환 후 이용 바랍니다. - 예약번호 (결제 완료 후 기입됩니다) - 1명 기준 로망스카왕복, 하코네프리패스 2일권, 런치쿠폰, 500엔 쿠폰(기념품 구입가능) - 이용가능 교통수단 : 신주쿠 <-> 하코네 유모토 => 하코네 로망스카 왕복권 - 하코네 지역 內 => 하코네 프리패스 2일권 (하코네 등산철도, 하코네 등산버스, 케이블카, 로프웨이, 해적선 전부 포함) - 로망스카의 경우 고객님께서 탑승해야 할 열차 출발시간과 리턴시간은 정해져있습니다. - 좌석의 경우 현지에서 실물티켓으로 교환하실 때 위치를 알 수 있습니다. <평일> 신주쿠역 출발 08:56 → 하코네유모토역 10:30 하코네 유모토역 출발 18:09 → 신주쿠역 도착 19:46 <주말> 신주쿠역 출발 09:00 → 하코네유모토역 10:14 하코네 유모토역 출발 18:10 →신주쿠역 도착 19:44 - 불포함사항 ->포함사항을 제외한 모든 비용 - 특전사항 -> 기념품샵 500엔 쿠폰 - 예약/취소/환불규정 5일 전 50% 취소 수수료 부과 / 3일 전 100% 취소 수수료 부과 / 0일 전 100% 취소 수수료 부과

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