Orca underwater sightseeing cruise

Normal Price ¥2,400 ¥1,500 (Adult)

■ Overview Take our exclusive underwater sightseeing cruise Orca which may contain 202 persons and watch the impressive panorama view through the observation deck at the location near Naha harbor. Enjoy the view of Okinawas sea with the type of semi submarine^^^^ ■Operation schedule *All cruise reservations are subject to seat availability. ①First cruise: departure at 9:00 ②Second cruise: departure at 10:15 ③Third cruise: departure at 11:45 ④Fourth cruise: departure at 14:00 ⑤Fifth cruise: departure at 15:30 *The third cruise at 11:45 departure can be combined with a special lunch plan with hotel buffet set after the underwater sightseeing cruise. - Please arrive at the right gathering time within the departure time according to the above contents and wait at the passenger waiting room in Naha Wharf Passenger Waiting Area - If visitors desire to use a rental car, please contact to telephone (098-866-0489)! - In case of using Yui Rail, after getting off at "Asahibashi Station", let’s walk around 15 ~ 20 minutes ■Age range : all ages - Adult (Age 13 & over) - Child (Age 6-12) ■ Attention (suspension of operation) ▼Please understand that in the following cases, for your safety, the cruise will be cancelled or stopped: - If ocean or weather conditions prevent the boat from sailing safely, including (but not limited to) high winds, storms and natural phenomenon that impair visibility. - In the case of natural disasters, fire, ship wreck or other unforeseen circumstances. - If passengers or crew become ill. - If the case of government orders or requests. ## Please make sure to check the following contents ## ■ Product Type: Electronic voucher ■ Age Range: Adults, children ■ Valid Period: The expiry date or the usage date is printed when the Electronic voucher is issued Effective on the usage date only ■ Tour information Guide: Cabin crew, no guide Language : Japanese Transportation method: cruise ■ How to use Booking -&gt settlement (confirmation) → VOUCHER printing → use

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〒900-0035 沖縄県那覇市通堂町2−1

About cancel/refund

5 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


■ Note when using the voucher - No refund after release - Make sure to print E ticket with regular A4 paper. - Make sure to use after exchanging E ticket into real ticket at the Ticket Counter. - Recommended to purchase tickets, make payments, have extra time within 3 days since the standard of departure date. * Japanese holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and non-Japanese public holidays from 09:00 to 18:00, tickets can not be issued. - Do not enter the gate with the mobile phone screen. - Please submit the QR code with the mobile screen. ※Please be careful not to blur the printing.

Voucher Notes

★반잠수함 오루카호 이용 주의사항★ ※위 내용대로 집합시간 20분전에 '나하 부두 선객 대기소'에서 대기해 주세요! ※유이레일 이용시 (旭橋駅)에서 하차 후 도보 15~20분 1. A4용지에 종이인쇄 하신 후 탑승시 지참 부탁드립니다. 2. 핸드폰의 사진이나 메일의 화면을 캡쳐한 것을 보여주어 입장하는 방식도 불가 합니다.

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