Hakone Kowakien Yunessun - Mori no yu

Normal Price ¥1,500 ¥1,300 (Adult)

★Closing schedule : 3/12/2018 (Monday) ~ 7/12/2018(Friday) : Maintenance ◇Highlights Hakone is a popular hot spring sightseeing area where you can go from Tokyo in 1 hour to 2 hours. Especially Mori no yu hot spring is the largest hot spring facility in the Hakone area and is a facility that is frequently used by people in Japan. ♯ # Please be sure to check the following contents ♯ # ■ Product type: E-voucher ■ Age range: adults, chilldren ■ Valid period: The expiry date or the usage date that was printed on Electronic voucher ■ Business hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00 (final admission at 19:00) ※ Before buying a pass or ticket please be sure to check closing business days and closing related. Yunessan Forest Yu official website https://www.yunessun.com/spa/morinoyu.html ※ We will not be responsible for temporary closure. ■ Attention items when booking - Cancellation & reissue after voucher issuance is impossible. - Please fill in the exact date of use. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying. - Do not reissue in case of loss, damages to the ticket, E-voucher. - It is impossible to change information such as date of use, customer name after issuing the Electronic voucher - Can not be used except for specified use date - It is impossible to reissue in case of loss, theft. ※ Business hours may be changed depending on the local circumstances. ※ Before buying a pass or ticket, please be sure to check closing related information on business days. ※ Business hours may change according to bad weather or seasonal business. ※ We will not be held responsible for extraordinary closure. ※ Transaction time may change if there is an event at the facility. ■ Explanation - Search google map : 1297 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken 250-0407 - Move away from Tokyo From Shinjuku station -- (Odakyu Romancecar) --&gtHakone Yumoto Station --&gt Hakone Tozan Station --&gt Yunessun

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하코네에서 숙박할 필요 없이 온천을 즐길수 있는 방법

유넷상은 하코네의 코와키엔에 있는 하코네 최대 온천 테마 파크 시설입니다. 수영복을 입고 온천을 즐기는 섹션과 수영복 미착용으로 온천을 즐길수 있는 섹션으로 분리되있어서 취향에 맞게 온천을 즐길수 있습니다. 타올과 수영복까지 대여서비스를 하고있습니다.

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〒250 0407 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken

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This is an uncancellable product!


- No refund after ticket is issued - Please be sure to print E tickets with general A4 size paper. - We recommend that you purchase and settle your tickets with a margin of 3 days or more from the scheduled departure date. * Vouchers can not be issued at the Japanese holidays, Saturdays and Sundays . Business Hour: weekday 09:00-12:00, 13:00-18:00(Japan local time)

How to Use

- Make sure you print out your voucher on A4 size paper which we sent you through your email. * It is impossible to enter with original ticket/ Please print with general A4 size paper. - Please redeem the voucher to real ticket at the ticket counter.

Voucher Notes

* Additional Note(s) - Please enter after you have all the reserved people gathered. (Individual admission is not possible) - It is impossible to cancel after use your voucher (Re-entry is not allowed). - It is impossible to refund after buying the ticket. - Related to the refund before entering the gate, please contact to JAPAN TOPKEN, not sightseeing spot facility. - Entering the gate with the mobile phone screen is not allowed. ※Please be careful not to blur the printing. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying.

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