NIKKO PASS ALL area( 4 DAY PASS ) (10/1~Sales)

Normal Price ¥5,200 ¥4,230 (Adult)

Nikko who HOTed Japan for a hot spring trip! Visit Nikko near Tokyo not only for hot springs but also for the world's natural heritage.~ For four days, trains traveling from Asakusa to Yukoto Hot Springs, Kotoku Hot Springs, and Niko Pass, which allows unlimited rides on buses in Nikko. You have the freedom to travel to Nikko & Kinugawa. ■ User procedures STEP.1 Order and Payment after selecting Pass Type on the TOPKEN site STEP.2 Paper printing voucher on My Page after confirming reservation STEP.3 Replace a Bouchure printed at the Tobu Tourist Information Center in Asakusa Station with a physical pass ---Please show your ticket to the ticket counter or to the station's staff and driver when you leave the vehicle. ■ Eboucher--&gt Nikko Pass ALL area (4 DAY PASS)The actual ticket exchange location Asakusa (first floor of Asakusa Station) of Tobu Tourist Information Center Uptime: 7:00 to 19:00 a.m. 24/7. Phone : + 81-3841-2871 (Japanese, English response possible) It's a three-minute walk to the Tubu Railway boarding platform. ■ Nikko Pass ALL area ( 4 DAY PASS ) validity: valid for 3 months from the date of voucher issue ■Niko pass ALL area (4 DAY PASS ) continuous use status It can only be used continuously within the validity period (e.g. only monthly, flower, and tree series can be used on a four-day note) ■Niko pass ALL area ( 4 DAY PASS )Using time Date system O until 11:59 p.m. local time after the opening gate is passed. ■ Main time required (typically depending on the train standard/stop train) Asakusa ~ Tobuniko ~ 2 hours 20 minutes~2 hours 50 minutes Asakusa~Ginugawa Hot Springs, about 2 hours 35 minutes to 3 hours 20 minutes ※It takes about 2 hours to use the special spacia. (Only speed and ease of travel are available through passes.) (You can purchase the special voucher only at the "Asakusa Station Information Center."- Buy 20% off passers-by's express ticket) ■Niko pass ALL area (4 DAY PASS) available section (Normal train standard / time taken varies depending on boarding train) [railroad] - One round trip between Shimei Michi Station and Asakusa Station (you can get off at Tokyo Skytree Station and Dochi Station) - Free entry and exit between Shimo-Maiichi Station and Tobuniko Station - Freedom of entry and exit between Shimo-Maiichi Station and Shinhujiwara Station ※ Nikopass is only available on express / sectional express / sectional express / regular train. (You must purchase additional special vouchers for special spacia, Liberty, and Kirihuri.) [Bus] - Available on the 2A,2B,2C,2D bus front section of the Tobu Railway at the bus stop in front of Nikko ■Admission discounts available using Nico Pass ALL area (4 DAY PASS) [Niko Region] - Nikko Natural Museum - Akechida-Ropeway. - Regular flight of the Jugenji vessel (4/20~11/30) - Low pollution bus (4/20~11/30 operation) - Edomura Circular Bus - Nikokki-Ri-Huri Skating Center (Donggye-Hanjung Outdoor Link) - Niko Museum of Art to commemorate Kosugi Hoan - Nikko Astoria Hotel Kinugawa Hot Spring Area - Dobu World Square - Kinugawa Park Iwaburo (Nocheontang) - Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura - Osarunoyama (Monkey Mountain) - Kinugawa rafting (flight between late April and late November)

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About cancel/refund

7 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


- It is necessary to exchange the voucher for a real ticket. - Passengers can ride only Express/Section Limited Express/ Section Semi Limited Express/ Local train with the Pass - In case using the ticket of Limited Express, you will be able to buy it seperately with discount 20%. (Only available at "Asakusa Information Center") - Asakusa ~ Shimoimai range section is included for round trip one time (with limitation) - Refund: Within 1 month after purchase, only passes that have not started (charged 10%) - Pass can be used continuously only. - Once you passe the entrance gate, it will be counted as one day. - Ticket can also be purchased at local (Available in Japanese, English)

Voucher Notes

-Value for 3 months from the date of issue of gift certificates -Recommended to show at the guide counter and the ticket sale gate, real tickets should be exchanged. -Only express/intermediate/separate/ordinary trains are allowed to ride through the pass. -A separate purchase-pass for express tickets, train use, and express ticket can be 20% human rights. (Only available in "Asakusa Information Center") -Asakusa-Shimo Imai Station section includes only one round trip (not unlimited) -Cancellation cost: 50% before 7 days, 70% before 5 days, and 100% before 2 days. -Pass is only available on the following day, on the following day. -A day will be counted as the day when the ticket gate has been passed from the spot.

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