Normal Price ¥1,700 ¥1,500 (Adult)

----------------------- Please check before payment --------------------- ------------------------ * The currency of the purchase will be paid in 'Japanese Yen', and the amount denominated in Korean won Thank you for your help. * This is a commodity that is exchanged for a ticket at Narita Airport Terminal 1. Please confirm your arrival schedule at Narita Airport Terminal 1. ---------------------------- It is "Tokyo Metro Pass" for free traveler who can get off the subway in Tokyo city and do it freely. It is a river to those who want to save time and money to purchase tickets while moving from Tokyo to Tokyo. You can use the Tokyo Metro and Tokyo Metro lines within 24 to 72 hours from the time you started using the service. ※ Available only on Tokyo Metro and Tokyo Metro. ※ JR lines are not available. ------------------- # Thank you for your confirmation. # # Product type: Local reception ■ Age group: Adults ■ Validity: It may be different. (Ticket up to 2019.03 or 2019.07) ※ Not selectable.) If you used it for the first time at 11:30 on September 15, it will be 48 hours on September 17 at 11:30. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- ■ Points to note when making reservations - You can exchange one pass for the Tokyo Metro Pass after presenting the voucher. - The exchange period is only available on the day indicated on the voucher. ■ How to use (※ This site can not be boarded by a voucher ※) - Customer: Please present the voucher at the &lt&lt Telecom Square &gt&gt counter on the detail screen. ※ Please make a purchase after you decide whether you want to exchange in terminal 3 terminal 1 terminal 2 or terminal 2. To move from Terminal 3 to Tokyo, you must move to Terminal 2 or Terminal 1. --------------------------------- * Please note - Please show your voucher. (If not shown, it can not be exchanged.) - This voucher is only available to the above-mentioned voucher. - Cancellation after ticket exchange is not possible. - Please contact the agent you purchased, not the facility.

Key Detail

  • Location
  • Receipt method
    Local receipts
  • Expiration date
    Current Date
  • Business time
  • Guide


  • Depart

  • Transit

    텔레콤스퀘어 카운터
    반드시 여기서 교환 하셔야 합니다! (재팬톱켄 바우처를 반드시 인쇄해서 지참해 주십시오.)
  • Arrival

    도쿄 도착 후 사용
    도쿄 메트로 패스로는 나리타에서 도쿄시내까지 이용 불가 합니다!!!

About cancel/refund

2 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


- Please confirm that the section to be used is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Subway (Tokyo Metropolitan Subway) and Tokyo Metro! - Tokyo Subway Route Map - After you put the ticket in the ticket gate, the count of the ticket use time starts.

Voucher Notes

- Voucher copying, counterfeiting may be punishable by forgery of securities. - For inquiries about changes, cancellations, or refunds, please contact your dealer. - After receiving the ticket from Telecom Square, please use it. - Since this product is a commodity that can only be exchanged at Narita Terminal 1, please confirm the arrival terminal again.

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    5.0 2018/11/04

    수령하는 곳이 조금 헷갈렷으나 수령하는 곳의 일본 직원분이 친절하게 하나하나 날짜도 확인하시고 해주셔서 시작부터 너무 좋은 여행이였습니다. 재펜톱켄에서 가능하시다면 나리타 엑세스 사용법이나 메트로 패스를 사용하기 유용한 숙소 지역을 설명해주시면 더욱 쉽게 이용할 수 있을 것 같습니다. 저같은 경우 숙소가 긴자 였고 라피트나 버스를 이용하지 않아서 일반 게이세이 본선을 타고 공항에서 부터 출발하였고 오시아게 부터는 긴자선을 이용하였습니다.