Community Cycle 1Day Pass

Normal Price ¥1,620 ¥1,650 (Adult)

What is community cycle (bicycle sharing)? Community cycle is the system that has docking ports in each area, and you can rent a bike at a any docking port and return it to any docking port you like within designated area. How to Use the Service You can rent a bicycle in two ways. 1. Rent with a passcode. 2. Rent with an IC card (Felica). Rent a bicycle with a passcode. (1) Rent a bicycle by issuing an unlocking passcode. (2) Next, press the “START” button and enter the passcode on the device of the bicycle. 1-day psss counter

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This is an uncancellable product!


①Don't use your ID card again. -Lending and providing ID cards to third parties is prohibited. ②To pay attention to removal and theft of a bicycle by leaving the bicycle unattended. -If the cycle port is not nearby during parking, please use the parking lot of each facility and lock it.Please note that you will be responsible for the theft, damage and removal of your bicycle due to illegal parking. ③The bicycle you lent me must be at 23:59 on the day. -Please return the bicycle to the cycle port by 23:59 on the day of use.If you haven't returned the item in time, the call center will contact you.Please note that if you do not respond, you will be responsible for the cost of collecting and searching your bicycle. ※We will contact you if you need further service. ④Customer is responsible for handling accidents. -Customer is responsible for any accidents involving bicycles.Please use it according to the traffic rules, including the five rules for bicycle safety use.If an accident should occur, contact the call center immediately. ⑤Be careful of lost or damaged IC cards. -You are responsible for any loss or damage to the IC card.Card reissue is not accepted. ⑥We do not accept refunds after purchasing the IC card. -We will replace the defective IC card. ※Other precautions are provided in the Community Cycle Services Terms and Conditions of the area. ※The personal information you have received through this application will be handled appropriately to the extent necessary for the purpose of this Service.

How to Use

①Once the payment has been made, the staff will email you the booking site and its account ID, Password. ②After logging in at the site you sent me and checking the agreement, you will receive a 4-digit passcode to unlock your bicycle. ③Please go to the local parking lot on the designated day and enter your passcode to lock it up.

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