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Welcome to Kamadojigoku! Kamadojigoku is one of Japan's largest pilgrimages to hell in Beppu, Oita Prefecture. The name comes from the fact that from ancient times, people were cooking rice at the Grand Festival of Kushimon Hachimangu Shrine with a hellish eruption. There is also a highlight of hell from 1 to 6th, and it is a luxurious hell where you can enjoy various hells in one place. - This is a voucher that you can enter once in three days from the date of your reservation. ※Before purchasing the ticket, please make sure to check the business day holiday information. ※You may not be able to enter the voucher for cell-phone display, not printed matter.  Be sure to bring a voucher printed on paper. Official website:https://kamadojigoku.com/ ♯♯ Please make sure to check it. ♯♯ ■Product origin: E-boucher Age standards: adults, high school, middle school, elementary school ■Valid period: Usage date or duration as indicated when the e-boucher is issued.       *Valid for around 3 days from the date of use (designated date) ■Reservation Considerations    ーWe cannot cancel or reissue after issuing the voucher.    ーPlease enter the exact date and time of use.    ーPlease enter the correct email address to receive the e-voucher.    ーWe will take legal action if we find any forgery.    ーWe cannot reissue e-voucher tickets if they are damaged or lost.    ーAfter issuing the voucher, we have not changed your name or date of use.    —Date and time not available outside of the specified use date    ーWe cannot reissue it even if it is lost or stolen.    ※The business hours may change depending on the situation of the local facility.    ※Please be sure to check the information on the pass or ticket, business day and holiday.    ※Business hours may change due to bad weather or rental sales.    ※We are not responsible for the temporary absence.    

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    Usage date standard, around 3 days
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621 Oita Tetsugu, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

About cancel/refund

3 Day before Cancellation fee for 20% has been raised from product price
2 Day before Cancellation fee for 40% has been raised from product price
1 Day before Cancellation fee for 70% has been raised from product price
0 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price

Voucher Notes

* Boucher Notes - This voucher allows only those who make reservations to enter.(Copy not available, mobile not available) - After entering the building, you cannot cancel it (you cannot re-enter the building). - We cannot issue a refund after purchasing the ticket. -Please contact JAPAN to issue a refund before entering the building. - We will take legal action if any counterfeit is found.

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