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#Please make sure to check before payment. Check before make a purchase Payment currency is Japanese yen. Other currency which can check on the website is just for a reference. You can look down at the entire scramble intersection, a symbolic Shibuya place. It is a very good location to see people passing the scrambled intersection from a high place. "MAG's PARK" is a ROOF TOP space where you can enjoy events and meals. MAGNET 109" CROSSING VIEW "Enjoy the dynamic view at the observatory! ■ Use Guidance: You can enter the room three days after the date you specify. ※ If you have designated October 15th, you can enter from October 12th to October 18th. ■ Product Type : E-voucher (order and reservation --&gt After payment is completed --&gt Click the voucher button on My Page --&gt Paper printing ) ■ Validity Period: The period of use listed in the E-voucher ■ MAGNET 109 "CROSSING VIEW" Operation of the Observatory Business hours: 11 : 00 to 23 : 00 (Final entrance: 22 : 30) ■MAGNET 109 Official website -&gt - Due to local circumstances, the closing date and business hours may be changed. - Before purchasing pass or ticket, be sure to check it. - Do not take responsibility for temporary holidays. - If there is an event in the facility, business hours can be changed. ■ How to use ※ If you do not have a print out copy, you cannot use it. ※ Make sure to print out the voucher, exchange it with a real ticket at the ticket office, and enter. ※ With this voucher, CROSSING PHOTO is not included. (If you pay an additional charge at the place, you can film it.)

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