SHORYUDO 5-Day Pass(Wide Course)

Normal Price ¥15,000 ¥0 (Adult)

■ Explanation In Kansai area, there is KANSAI THRU PASS, and in Kyushu are, there is SUNQ Pass Moreover, there is another ticket of SHORYUDO Highway Bus Pass within 5 consecutive days (Wide course) in the central region of Japan! This is a great deal for free individual tourists to travel far and wide to the major sightseeing spots~~ ♬ ~ ♬ ・Highway Bus (free boarding section):Nagoya, Matsumoto, Gifu, Shirakawa-go, Gokayama, Kanazawa, Toyama ・Airport Access (one-way boarding section): Komatsu Airport ⇔ Kanazawa Express Bus Terminal, Chubu Centrair International Airport ⇔ Nagoya station (Railway), Toyama⇔Toyama Airport ■ Product type : Adult Pass only (general ticket) * Business hours may be changed depending on local circumstances. ※ Please be sure to check the local information before ticket purchase, business day, closing information etc. ※ We will not be held responsible for extraordinary closure. ■Notes when using - Location and method of exchange ticket ▼ Location of exchange Electronic voucher ● Meitetsu Travel Plaza of Chubu Centair International Airport, Nagoya ● Meitetsu Nagoya Station ● Center in front of Kanazawa Station North Railway Station ● Designated location of Komatsu Airport ※ Confirmation of photo information * Passport presentation is required when exchanging into real ticket * No changes or refunds after the exchange * When applying ticket, it will be effective from the use start date specified by the customer * This plan includes 2 one-way airport access tickets usable for trips between: Chubu Centrair International Airport and Nagoya (Train or Bus), Komatsu Airport and Kanazawa (Bus) # # Please be sure to check the following contents # # ■ Product type: E- voucher ■ Age range: Adult ■ Effective Period: Valid for the date of use (designated date) only ■ Attention items when booking a voucher - Cancellation & reissue after voucher issuance is impossible.ease fill in the exact date of use. - It is possible to be fined for counterfeiting valuable documents and indiscriminate copying. - Do not reissue in case of loss , damages to ticket, Electronic voucher. - It is impossible to change information such as date of use, customer name after issuing the Electronic voucher - Can not be used except for specified use date - It is impossible to reissue because of loss, theft. ※ Business hours may be changed depending on the local circumstances. ※ Before buying a pass or ticket, please be sure to check closing related information on business days. ※ Business hours may change according to bad weather or seasonal business. ※ We will not be held responsible for extraordinary closure. ※ Transaction time may change if there is an event at the facility.

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