MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM—teamLab Borderless Tokyo

Normal Price ¥3,200 ¥3,200 (Adult)

Wander, explore, discover in one borderless world teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Artworks move out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each other with no boundaries. Immerse your body in borderless art in this vast, complex, three-dimensional 10,000 square meter world. Wander, explore with intention, discover, and create a new world with others. Hours Weekdays 10:00 - 19:00 Sun, Sat & Holiday 10:00 - 21:00 Closed 2nd & 4th Tuesdays Notice to Visitors ・This facility cannot be held liable for any visitor's personal injury, loss, or other problems occurring here. ・At crowded times it may be necessary to wait over an hour before entry outside. Depending on the season please be sure to protect from heat exhaustion, or protection from the cold. ・If you must leave the queue please make sure that someone in your party stays behind. ・It may not be possible to enter at the requested time, please keep a margin of flexibility to your schedule. ・ Reselling tickets is prohibited. A ticket that has been resold will not allow entry to the facility. This facility cannot be held responsible for any problems with resold tickets. ・Certain works may not be exhibited due to large crowds or maintenance. ・Artworks or artwork specifications may vary by season. ・Tickets can be refunded only if the facility has an unscheduled closure. ・Re-entry is not permitted. ・Prohibited Items  Any items that are 50 cm or longer must be stored in a coin-operated locker or luggage room.  Strollers must be stored in the luggage room.  Hazardous items, smelly items, fresh flowers, etc.  Any drinks with no caps or covers.  Any other items deemed to be hazardous by the staff. ・Be aware that the facility is dark with uneven ground and unsteady footing. Be aware of the actions of people with you and around you. If you have young children, watch them closely for their safety. ・Note that the artworks may have flashing lights and loud noises. ・ Since the facility is very different from the normal environment, no pets (including guide dogs) are allowed to enter. ・No smoking, drinking, or eating in the exhibition spaces. You can only have drinks at the rest areas on each floor. ・For safety reasons, anyone wearing high heels, sandals, wooden clogs, or other unsteady footwear will not be allowed to enter the Athletic Area. On the 4th floor, you can rent and change into sneakers. However, they are limited in quantity and design, so we recommend that you bring your own sneakers. ・There are some works with a mirror floor. Those who wish can borrow a wrap skirt close by. ・For safety reasons pregnant women are not permitted in some areas. ・It is possible to enter with a wheelchair, but only to teamLab Borderless (It is not possible to enter some areas of teamLab Borderless). ・People in wheelchairs cannot enter the Athletic Area. ・Anyone who is ill or drunk will not be allowed entry. ・Taking photos and videos is allowed. However, do it without causing a problem for other people. ・Using a monopod, tripod, selfie stick, etc., is not allowed. ・Please note that video or photo coverage of the site may be performed without prior notice. If you do not agree to be featured in the coverage, regardless of its application, please inform our staff. ・Photo shooting for commercial purposes is not permitted without prior concent. ・You may be asked to present identification at the entrance Identity Card, Driver's Licence, Student Card, Passport, Mynumber Card, Identification that can provide proof of name and age. ・Please follow the staff's instructions. If you do not follow the instructions, we may escort you out of the premises.

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■ご参加に際しての注意事項■ ・当施設のご利用の際のお怪我や損失・損害、その他トラブルなどにつきまして当施設では一切の責任を負いません。 ・混雑時はご入場まで1時間以上屋外でお待ちいただく場合もございます。  季節によって防暑・防寒対策のご用意をお願いします。 ・お客様のご予定・ご要望通りにご入場いただけない場合もございます。  スケジュールには余裕を持ってご来場ください。・チケットの転売は禁止しており  転売にて購入いただいたチケットではご入場頂けずその場合も当施設は一切の責任を負いません。 ・混雑やメンテナンスの関係で一部の作品をご体験いただけない場合がございます。 ・季節により作品や作品の仕様が変更となる場合がございます。 ・施設へのご来場にかかる旅費などの保証は、営業中止の場合も行なっておりません。 ・入場後の再入場はできません。 ・会場内は暗く、高低差・不安定な足場の箇所が多数ございます。  特にお子様連れのお客様は保護者様の監督責任のもと、安全にお過ごしください。 ・日常と大きく異なる空間であるため動物(補助犬含む)を連れてのご入場はお断りしております。 ・身長年齢などの制限がある作品がございます。 ・展示スペースでの喫煙、飲食はお断りしております。お飲物のみ各階休憩室にてお召し上がりいただけます。 ・アスレチックエリアは安全上ハイヒール、サンダル、下駄などのお足元が不安定な靴でのご入場をお断りしております。 ・床面が鏡面の作品があります。スカートでお越しのお客様はご注意頂くとともに作品近くで腰布を貸し出していますのでご利用ください。 ・妊娠中の方は安全管理上、ご体験頂けない作品がございます。 ・車椅子でのご入場は可能ですが安全管理上ボーダレスワールドのみのご体験となります。  作品特性上、アスレチックエリアにはご入場いただけません。 ・体調不良・泥酔状態でのご入場はお断りしております。 ・お写真・動画の撮影は可能ですが、他のお客様へご迷惑をおかけすることのないようにお気をつけください。 ・撮影には一脚、三脚、自分撮りスティック等の補助機材は使用できません。 ・各種メディアの取材・撮影が行われる場合がございます。写り込みに同意をいただけない場合は、お近くのスタッフにお声がけください。

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