Normal Price ¥2,600 ¥2,000 (Adult)

#Please check before payment The currency that is paid at the time of payment is 'Japan'. Please note that the amount denominated in Korean won is for reference only. Please print out and use the voucher! You cannot enter or receive pictures of your mobile phone or a screen capture of your e-mail (Japantopken is not responsible for any limitations caused by not printing the voucher.) Shinhotaka ropeway consists of No.1 ropeway and No.2 ropeway. Use No.1 ropeway from Shinhotaka onsen station at the foot of the mountain to Nabedaira kogen station. Walk to Shirakabadaira station and get on No.2 ropeway. You will get to Nishihotakaguchi station near the summit of the mountain in 7 minutes. ※ Shuttle survices are available at times of many passengers.  ※ Operation may be suspended due to bad weather,or maintenance check. From Shin-Hotaka Onsen (Ascent) Green(4/1-11/30) 8:30~16:00 Summer(8/1-31) 8:00 - 16:00 Fall foliage season 8:00 - 16:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays in Oct) Winter(12/1-3/31) 9:00~15:30 Shirakabadaira (Ascent) Green(4/1-11/30) 8:45~16:15 Summer(8/1-31) 8:15~16:15 Fall foliage season 8:15 - 16:15 (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays in Oct) Winter(12/1-3/31) 9:15~15:45 Nishihotakaguchi (Descent) Green(4/1-11/30) 8:45~16:45 Summer(8/1-31) 8:45~16:45 Fall foliage season 8:15 - 16:45 (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays in Oct) Winter(12/1-3/31) 9:15~16:45 ・ No.1 ropeway leaves 00 and 30 minutes past every hour and No.2 ropeway leaves 15 and 45 minutes past every hour. ・ It takes about 25 minutes from Shinhotaka onsen station to Nishihotakaguchi station. ■ Product type: E-bouch ■ Age standards: Adults and children ■ Effective Period: The date of use or period of use recorded at the time of issue of Ebouch ■ Precautions when making a reservation -You cannot cancel or reissue the voucher after issuing it. -Please enter a correct usage date. - Please enter the correct email address to receive the E-bouchure. - If an E-bouch is copied without permission and forged, he or she can be punished for tampering with securities. - E-bouch, ticket damage or loss will not be reissued. - Unable to change customer name, use date, etc. information after issuing voucher - Not available on other days than the specified use date - Lost or stolen will not be reissued. ※The business hours may be changed due to local circumstances. ※ Before purchasing pass or ticket, make sure to check the information regarding the business day's holiday. ※There may be a change in business hours depending on bad weather or heavy duty business. ※We shall not be held responsible for temporary work. ※If there is an event in the facility, the business hours may be changed.

Key Detail

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    Usage date standard, around 3 days
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〒506-1421 岐阜県高山市奥飛騨温泉郷神坂710−58

About cancel/refund

1 Day before Cancellation fee for 100% has been raised from product price


■ Precautions ※ When you make a reservation, you must enter the correct Korean-English name, e-mail, date of use, and gender of all users. (※You cannot change it after issuing a voucher.) ※E-bouchure ticket takes about 1 to 3 days after payment and will be sent to the e-mail entered at the time of booking. ※You must present the voucher printout on A4 paper to the operator. (※Not available for mobile) ※If you do not receive E-boucher by email after booking and payment, or if you have any problems, please contact JAPAN TOPKEN. (* TEL:070-4482-4346) ※Please check the sales information (business days and hours of operation) before visiting and visit. ※Exchange and date cannot be changed while the ticket is in progress. ※ Loss or theft will not be reissued.

How to Use

■ How to use - Print out the E-boucher and bring it with you. - You can exchange vouchers for tickets at the local ticket office. ※ If you do not have a print copy, do not use it / Please print it on A4 paper. ※ Please present it to the ticket counter and information counter for exchange with real ticket.

Voucher Notes

■ Precautions when using the voucher - No refund after issuance - Please make sure to print the E-bouchure in plain A4 paper. - Exchange the E-bouchure from the ticket counter to the actual ticket before using it. -We recommend buying and paying tickets with 3 days left from the start date. - You can't enter the phone screen. ※ Be sure to take care so that printing does not spread.

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